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    Beanywog Ceramics


    A family that loves to play in the mud...

  • We love what we do

    each peice is a one of a kind creation

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    It all started when...

    We began our journey with the joy of playing in the mud and doodling on an earthen canvas.

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    A bigger circle

    As we have been enjoying (and our garage began to fill) we found the joy of giving our peices away.
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    A gentle series of nudges

    After many trips to Goodwill with our pots in tow to make room for more clay, people kept asking why our stuff wasn't "out there"

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    To you


    So we thought it would be fun to make a site and share our happy place with you. And if it gives you happy, too- how lucky are we?

  • About Our Craftsmanship

    At Beanywog we have two forms of finishing in terms of how and when its applied



    Sgrafito one process is to apply a pigmented clay to a peice that hasn't been fired then draw and scratch it off to reveal the clay underneath. In Italy it was very popular on buildings during the renaissance



    Standard glazing- AFTER A PEICE HAS BEEN FIRED ONCE, Liquid glass and pigment is applied and fired again. We use food safe and lead free glazes and we use our own pots every day. We use an eathenware low fire clay, it's not as durable as the stoneware that is fired at higher temperatures. SO you must be careful with Beanywog pots or use them to just look at and enjoy.

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    Handmade & Unique

    Sgrafito Vessels

    Great for accents in any room

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    Classic Glazes

    Traditional ceramics Beanywog style

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    In the wild

    Cups and vessels we use every day

    Beanywog Ceramics at work

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    Representative Works

    Beanywog Ceramics isn't in full form yet, here are some images of our work

  • Contact Us

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